Volunteer Opportunity for Appointment to the Enfield Beautification Committee

Enfield Beautification CommitteeThe Town of Enfield is seeking volunteers for appointment to the Enfield Beautification Committee.

The Beautification committee maintains various plantings in the Town of Enfield, including, but not limited to, those around the Enfield signs that are at each end of the stretch of Enfield Main Road between Enfield Elementary and the Enfield Highway Dept. Other projects include installing and maintaining seasonal embellishments on the light poles near the Town Hall, and in the past, several barrels of flowers along that route.

In the coming year, new ideas are welcome and encouraged. 

The committee meets as needed to develop and implement projects and to determine how planted areas will be maintained.

If you are a gifted gardener, a willing weeder, or a passionate planter, you may be just the person we need! If you’d like to be considered for appointment to the Enfield Beautification Committee, please contact Supervisor Elect, Beth McGee, by January 3rd , at 288-2384 or supervisor@townofenfield.org

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