Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of The Month

A new program for the residents of the Town of Enfield, was introduced on August 11, 2010 Town Board meeting – Volunteer Recognition Program.

As we all know, volunteers are the heart of this Community. We are so fortunate to have so many individuals who take time out of their busy schedules, to help their neighbors and their Community. As a small token of our appreciation, at least once per quarter, a volunteer will be recognized as the “Volunteer of the Quarter”. The selected individuals will be nominated by the public and selected by the Town Board. If the nominations become overwhelming, the recognition program will increase to once a month. The following criteria and guidelines will be followed:

  • The candidate(s) being nominated must have volunteered their time for the benefit of the Town of Enfield and its citizens.
  • Awardees will be announced at the last Town Board meeting of each quarter (ie. March, June, September, & December), will receive a Certificate of Recognition from the Town Board, along with a copy of the nomination letter, and both will be on display in the Town Hall and on the Town’s website.
  • Nominations must be sent to the Town Supervisor or Deputy Supervisor, and received no later than one week prior to the Town Board meeting at which announcements will be made.

Please pass this information on and if you know of anyone who should be nominated, please take the time to write up the nomination and submit it for review.

Click on the links below to read how each recipient has given their time and talents to our community.

Volunteer of the Month Recipients:
2012 October- Sam Hubbell and Trevor Alling
2012 October- Keven Morse Jr.
2012 August- Nancy Spero and Judy Hyman
2012 July- Roger Hubbell 
2012 February- Dave Owens
2011 July- Larry and Tracy Saulsgiver
2011 June – Roy Wollney
2011 May – Jack Hubbell
2011 April  – Marnie and Greg Kirchgessner
2011 March – Denny Hubbell 
2011 February – Helen Willis Hetherington
2011 January – Mary and Ken Eckert
2010 September – Pam Whittaker
2010 October – Ann Rider
2010 November – Bill Eisenhardt
2010 December – Linda and Larry Stillwell
2011 October Sue Thompson

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