Throw Back Thursday – Enfield History


In this weekly “Throw Back Thursday” series we will share a little bit of Enfield’s History.

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Celebrating Tompkins County


Clair Updike – Town Supervisor


Agape Church
Applegate Road 230 Cowbell Farm
Applegate School
Applegate Tavern
Baptist Parsonage – Thanksgiving Wedding
Barn 487 Enfield Center Road
Who was William Lucas Bostwick and Samuel V Graham
Budd School House
Catskill Turnpike Stop – Mecklenburg Road 1795
Christian Church
Enfield Center Hotel 186 Enfield Main Road
Enfield Centre Hotel postcard
Enfield Center Post Office
Enfield Center School
Enfield Center School  a Display
Enfield Court – Bob Bock
Enfield Falls Community Building
Enfield Power Equipment 156 Enfield Main Road
Fire hall built in 1948
Flood of 1935 and Dr. Beardsley
Harvey-Hill 235 -Road
Ithaca Farm Equipment
Kennedy Corners Church2
Mecklenburg Road Schroeder barns
Mecklenburg Road 2504
Methodist Parsonage
Millers School No. 4
Mouse Nest House Enfield Falls Road
Nobles School House
Red and White Store
Rolfe School District No. 2
Rumsey Cemetery
Rumsey-Loomis 1514 Mecklenburg Road
School District 11 Harvey Hill
Stone House
Town Barn – Old
Woodside Inn

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