Tax Collection

With TaxGlance you can view and print your Town & County tax bill online anytime.  Can’t find your paid receipt?  Now it’s easy, just go online and print your paid bill.


You can pay your taxes online January 2018.  There will be an additional 2.75% service fee when paying your taxes with a credit card, e-check or debit card.  You can also pay by credit or debit card in person at the Clerk’s Office.

Taxes are mailed by the Town Clerk/Tax Collector so that you will receive them soon after January 1st. Full payments are due by February 1st without penalty.  First installments are also due by February 1st and can not be accepted by law after February 1st. Taxes are payable to Alice Linton, Tax Collector until April 1, 2018.

Second installments and any payments after April 2, 2018, are  payable to Tompkins County Finance, 125 East Court St.,  Ithaca, NY 14850  Telephone: (607) 274-5545.

If you have an escrow account, your bill will be mailed directly to your bank. If you don’t have an escrow account and do not receive your tax bill by January 6, 2018, please call the Clerk’s office at (607) 273-8256 and request that another copy be sent to you.

Please remember that even if your bill is lost in the mail or you do not receive it for any reason, you still are responsible to pay it before the due date or a penalty will be charged.

Town Clerk’s Office: 168 Enfield Main Road, Ithaca, NY 14850 Phone – 607-273-8256 Fax – 607-277-2639

Office Hours: Monday through Thursday: 3:00 – 6:00 pm

Due to tax collection season the Town Clerk’s office will also have extended January hours which are:

Tues, Thurs, Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

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