Solar Power message from Cooperative Extension

Dear Enfield Neighbors,
Below is news that may be of interest to Enfield residents. Please share widely.

Solar power for everyone!

Homeowners and renters!

Get off fossil fuel-based electricity!

It doesn’t matter if you have too many trees covering your home.

It doesn’t matter whether you can afford to purchase solar panels outright.

Your solar provider will help you size your system and submit paperwork.

If you own your home and have a perfect rooftop

If you have a south facing rooftop that’s clear of trees and large enough, you can buy or lease solar panels (sometimes with $0 down!).

There are significant incentives and tax credits available to make solar panels affordable.  For many situations, the cost of the panels pays for itself in about 7.5 years of reduced electricity bills.

If you own your home but don’t have the perfect rooftop

Perhaps you have a yard where panels can be ground mounted.

If you don’t have the perfect rooftop/yard or are renting

You can buy or lease solar panels that are part of a community solar installation.  The panels will be sited perfectly and you’re not responsible for maintenance.

Financing arrangements exist with payment plans that match your current electrical bill.  Or you can subscribe to community solar without owning any panels.  Subscription customers purchase their power at a reduced rate without having to get financing.  Also, subscription customers have the flexibility to drop out of the program any time they like.

Your savings

In all these scenarios, your utility bills will DECREASE, perhaps all the way down to just the meter fee.  (Most solar panel owners remain tied to the grid.)

What if you move?  If you remain a NYSEG customer nothing changes.  If not, you can sell your share to someone within NYSEG’s region.

For more information, take a look at the Cornell Cooperative Extension website:

To speak to a Cornell Cooperative Extension Energy Educator:

Terry, [tel://6072722292;ext=268](607) 272-2292 ext. 268

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