Photos Needed for Comprehensive Plan

The Enfield Comprehensive Plan Writing Committee is expanding its search for photos for the new Comprehensive Plan.

Digital versions of photos would be ideal, however, if you have paper photos we can scan, those will work too.

Please see below for a list of photos we hope to be able to include.

If you have photos you’d like to share, including photos not on this list you think would be helpful, please contact:

Thank you!


Images needed for Comprehensive Plan:

Treman Park (sign and natural features like Lucifer Falls)

Historic Mill

Enfield Elementary School

Enfield Highway Department

Enfield Town Hall

Enfield Volunteer Fire Department

Bock Preserve or sign for it

Gratitude and Grace BnB

Treman Center event facility

Teeter’s Metal Recycling

Dandy Mart

Renovus Solar Farm

Snug Planet

Ryan’s Produce Stand


Newhart’s Lodge

Connecticut Hill

Johnny’s Wholesale

Farmer Ground Flour

School Houses

Sandy Creek

Farms, fields, barns


Hillendale Golf Course

Teeter’s Barn

Christian Cemetery

Pine Creek Campground

Stone House

Residential Wind/Solar installations

Pics with people at Enfield events

Melvin’s renovated barn on Hayts Rd

Other Businesses

The Grange

Park and Ride

Houses that have been fully renovated

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