November 2017 Voting Information

Election November 7, 2017

Polls open 6 AM to 9 PM.   VOTE!!!

 As of August 2017 Polling Place for Enfield Districts 1,2, and 3 is the Enfield Highway Dept. – 475 Enfield Main Road.


Sample Ballots:

For District 2 (north of Rt. 79/Mecklenburg Rd.)

For District 1 and 3 (south of Rt. 79/Mecklenburg Rd.)


Who is running in Enfield?

Town Supervisor :  Beth McGee

Town Clerk:  Alice Linton

Highway Superintendent:  Barry Rollins Sr

Town Councilperson: Virginia Bryant

Town Councilperson: Mimi Mehaffey

Town Councilperson:  Rebecca Sims

Town Justice: Betty F Poole


Just a Note: Regardless of whether there are challengers on the local level. Enfield rarely has an opportunity to voice our needs and concerns on the County level and this election we have a choice for district 5. Voting also shows that you support those who are running, whether challenged or not, which helps representatives.


Tompkins County Legislature – District 5

Anne Koreman, Democratic Party and Working Families Party

Keith Hannon, Independence Party and Cayuga United Party


Tompkins County Legislature – District 8

Dave McKenna, Republican Party and Independence Party


What else will be on your Ballot this year to vote on:

In November, New Yorkers will head to the polls to decide on a very significant question whether to hold a state constitutional convention, the first in a half-century.

The convention, or Con Con, as it’s known in political circles, is an opportunity to make profound, long-lasting, and much-needed changes to New York’s outdated state constitution — or open a Pandora’s box that could doom working people forever, depending on whom you ask.

If a majority statewide votes “yes,” a constitutional convention will be set for the spring of 2019. The convention would be made up of elected delegates, with three provided from each state senate district — there are 63 in total — plus fifteen statewide. Elections would occur next year, and anyone can run to be a delegate.


To keep up-to-date on elections and other election issues visit: Tompkins County Board of Elections at:

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