Environmental Concerns

Enfield Neighbors for Safe Air and Water

Enfield Neighbors for Safe Air and Water (ENSAW) connects and informs the Enfield community about issues affecting the safety and preservation of our local natural resources and environment. ENSAW members have successfully petitioned for and pursued a one-year moratorium and the current town ban in Enfield on hydrofracturing, a controversial method of gas drilling. Other important goals have included securing a commitment from the Town Board to conduct an aquifer study to better understand our water resources and completion of an updated Comprehensive Plan.

ENSAW members meet frequently to plan events and develop tools and resources to be used by our town officials as well as residents and community members.  ENSAW members work in many capacities to benefit the Town of Enfield. If you’re interested in being a part of a strong and committed organization of Enfield residents with a history of success in preserving our rural character and natural beauty, please visit our Contact page or email us at ensaw.info@gmail.com

Tompkins Landowners Coalition (TLC)

Mission: To be regarded as a leader among landowners, residents, and the greater community in delivering information about the impacts of natural gas development on families.

Vision: We are mindful that the vast majority of landowners in our county own their property because it is their home, although some drive income from it. Discovery of a complex hydrocarbon resource beneath our lands is of global commercial interest. We seek to find the balance between the economic potential of this discovery and our other reasons for being here.
We dedicate ourselves to a sincere educational and investigative effort, believing that anyone-alone attempting to make a decision about whether to lease is seriously disadvantaged. The opportunities which an informed partnering with a responsible, respectful natural gas developer will bring are obvious, A well crafted model lease to be used in defining the rights and obligations of the landowners and such a developer is our goal.

Energy Navigator Volunteers

Energy Navigators help people reach their energy goals. Volunteers complete ten hands-on classes that cover a range of topics in energy efficiency, renewable energy and heating options, as well as incentives, programs and resources that are available to help support saving energy at home. Following the training, volunteers will help other community members reduce their energy use and energy bills, and enjoy safer and more comfortable homes.



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