Enfield Road Information



The major transportation routes through the Town of Enfield are State Route 79 (Mecklenburg Road) and State Route 327 (Enfield Falls/Enfield Main Road). There are 12 center line miles of State road and 24.7 center line miles of County road in Enfield. The 44.45 center line miles of Town road. The Enfield Highway Department is responsible for all maintenance of Town roads. 

To report problems with Town of Enfield roads (roads with no center painted line), please call Highway Superintendent Barry “Buddy” Rollins at Phone: 607-272-6490. Monday through Friday – 6 am – 2:30 pm or email highway@townofenfield.org

To report issues regarding other roads, please use the following numbers:

New York State Department of Transportation:  756-7072

Tompkins County Highway Department: 274-0300

Some roads in Enfield have portions that are seasonal and are not treated or plowed from December 1 through April 1. Residents that continue to use these sections of road do so at their own risk. These roads include part of West Enfield Center Road and Butternut Creek Road from Thomas Rd to VanOstrand Rd. These seasonal roads are posted with signs that read “Seasonal roads, no maintenance Dec 1st through April 1st”.

During inclement Winter weather, there are four routes that are run with Town trucks. Each route has approximately ten center line miles, which are 20 miles both ways. Depending upon the amount of snow it takes approximately four hours to run each route. 

Cinders are not available anymore,  We only use sand on the roads for the most part. We do have a salt/sand mixture which we rarely use on paved roads under certain weather conditions.

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