Election Information

As of August 2017 Polling Place for Enfield Districts 1,2, and 3 is the Enfield Highway Dept. – 475 Enfield Main Road.

To Enfield’s Election Districts, please see the District Map.

Upon publication of the results of the Federal decennial census (2010) for Tompkins County, the TompkinsCounty Legislature prepared a plan for reapportionment of its election districts.  On September 4, 2012 the number of legislators went from 15 legislators to 14 legislators.

Enfield is represented by two members of the Tompkins County Board of Representatives – District 5 (Ulysses) and District 8 (Newfield).

The law also enumerated districts which split Enfield from 2 districts to 3 districts.  All of Tompkins County became U.S. Congressional District 23, 58th New York State Senate District and Assembly District 125.


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