Dog License

Dog-License Application Form

Dog Control Law Local Law 3 – 2010

  • Dog Licenses can be obtained from the Town Clerk
  • All Dogs over four months must be licensed, or within thirty days of arriving in town or acquisition.
  • Failure to license your dog could result in a ticket, a court appearance and a fine.
  • Dog Licenses Fees:
    • Male neutered $10.00
    • Male un-neutered $20.00
    • Female spayed $10.00
    • Female unspayed $20.00
  • Required Forms:
    • A valid rabies certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian is required by Public Health Law #2145. If applicable, proof of rabies exemption status.
    • If spayed or neutered, a veterinarian’s certificate is required. If you have acquired an older dog and have no records, a veterinarian can examine the animal and sign an affidavit as to whether it was spayed or neutered.


Control of Rabies: Rabies remains an important health concern. Dog licensing requires rabies vaccinations and ensures that your dog, and your neighbors, is up-to-date and protected. Not only does this protect dogs, but your family ,your neighbors and the entire community.

Why do we license dogs and what is your license money used for? Towns are required, by New York State law, to provide dog control and to license dogs. Any dog license fees collected by the Town can only be spent on dog related services. All of your license fee stays in the Town of Enfield and helps pay for the cost of our contract with the SPCA. The State Surcharge, also required by law, is sent to the New York State Animal Population Control Fund and is distributed by grants to non-profit organizations low cost spay/neuter programs though out New York State (excluding New York City).

Dog Control Law Local Law 3 – 2010 – SECTION 2. PROHIBITED ACTS.

 Any owner of a dog or any other person who harbors any dog in the Town of Enfield shall be in violation of this law if such dog:

A. Is not restrained by an adequate collar and leash or under full control of a responsible person, when not on the property of the owner, or any other person harboring or having custody or control of the dog or when on the property of its owner if the property is a multi-family dwelling unit. For purposes of this law, a dog or dogs hunting in the company with a hunter or hunters shall be considered as accompanied by its owner.

B. Engage in such habitual loud barking, howling, or whining so as to cause a person’s rest to be broken, his sleep to be interrupted, or the reasonable use or enjoyment of his home or property to be otherwise interfered with, disturbed or diminished, or that causes a person to be otherwise harassed, annoyed or disturbed. Livestock herding and guard dogs used in agricultural operations in a NYS Certified Agricultural District are exempt from this provision.

C. Causes damage or destruction to property, or repeatedly defecates, urinates or otherwise commits a nuisance other than on the premises of the person owning or harboring such dog.

D. When not on the property of the owner, chases or otherwise harasses any person in such a manner as reasonable to cause intimidation or put such person in reasonable apprehension of bodily harm or injury.

E. When not on the property of the owner chases, barks at, leaps on or otherwise harasses any bicycle, motorcycle, motor wagon, carriage or any other vehicle or device used by persons for travel or as a conveyance, or any riders or occupants thereof, or any horses or animal including any rider thereon, or any cat, dog, or domestic animal.

F. If it is not wearing a valid and current Town of Enfield dog license while off the owners property, whether or not restrained by an adequate collar and leash.

G. Is unlicensed when four months of age or older or when a dog license has not been renewed pursuant to the Agriculture and Markets Law, Article 7.


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