Cemetery Committee

Policies and Procedures of Enfield Cemeteries

7-30-14 Cemetery Committee Meeting Minutes

Chairperson: Sue Thompson (deputytownclerk@townofenfield.org) Phone: 607-273-8256
Cemetery Grounds Keeperr: Wayne Snyder -Phone: 607-272-1149

John Linton
Ed Thompson
Wayne Snyder


Cemetery Committee is responsible for oversight of the cemeteries within the Town of Enfield.

Cemeteries within the town are:

Christian – Enfield Main Road; Budd – Gray Road; Presbyterian – Enfield Main Road, Rolfe – Applegate Road; Rumsey – Trumbulls Corners Road; Summerton – Hines Road; Taber – Enfield Center/near Sheffield Road; Teeter – Gray Road/Enfield Falls Road; Woodard – Woodard Road

Committee Members are appointed by Town Board yearly at the annual Organizational Meeting.

The committee responsibilities include:

  1. coordinating the upkeep of the cemeteries to include maintenance, mowing, trimming, cutting brush, and repair of grave markers.
  2. making recommendations to the Town Board for the purchase of equipment and repair of grave markers.
  3. submitting budget recommendations to the Town Supervisor for inclusion in the yearly Town budget.
  4. setting and removing flags from veteran’s graves (before Memorial Day in May.  Flags will be removed shortly after Memorial Day according to the National and State Recommendations for removal of flags. The directive reminds that flags be treated with respect. DIVISION OF CEMETERIES, 41 State Street, Suite 1110, Albany, NY 12231-0001.
  5.  ensuring cemetery records are maintained.
  6. making recommendations to the Town Board for revisions to the cemetery policy and procedures.


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