Black Oak Wind Farm

Black Oak Wind Farm Time Line

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Town Board of Enfield Minutes and Town of Enfield Planning Board


Black Oak Wind Farm Letter May 26, 2017 from Enfield Town Board

Black Oak Wind Farm time line long version

Black Oak Wind Farm time line short


November 12, 2014 The Enfield Town Board passed the SEQRA Final Environmental Impact Statement Resolution in regard to the Black Oak Wind Farm.  Please visit the Black Oak Wind Farm website for the Statement and complete report:

SEQRA Extension Resolution passed May 25 2016

Developer’s Agreement


Signatures for Petition to Impose a 90-Day Moratorium Prior to Approving a Wind Energy Permit to Black Oak Wind Farm – Submitted to Town Clerk September 28, 2016:


Application for Wind Energy Permit 2009:…-enfield-ny-2009/



New York State Environmental Quality Review Act Lead Agency Findings Statement  for the Black Oak Wind Farm

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